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Atulya Ladla Scheme (RD Plan)

We offer exciting monthly income opportunity, 100% secure & guaranteed returns, 75% loan facility against deposit

Atulya Ladla Scheme (RD Plan)

The minimum denomination of the scheme is Rs 10/-per day and in multiples of 10 The company reserves the right to reject any application for opening the account without assigning any reason.
The company reserves the right to attach/transfer any account to any its branch Defaulters will be charged at the rate of Rs. 2/- per Rs 100/-per 15 days

Atulya Ladla Scheme (RD Plan)
Plan Redemption Period ROI Plan Amount Total Maturiny Amount
25 60 Months 10.5% 500 30000 39069
50 60 Months 10.5% 1000 60000 78138
50 60 Months 10.5% 1500 90000 117207
50 60 Months 10.5% 2000 120000 156276
50 60 Months 10.5% 3000 180000 234414
50 60 Months 10.5% 4000 240000 312553
50 60 Months 10.5% 5000 300000 390691

Terms & Conditions:

* It is mandatory to be a member in the company.

* Interest will be calculated on yearly basis.

* Recurring Deposit minimum amount Rs 500/-, thereafter in multiples of Rs 100/

* 1 month after paying last instalment or maturity amount due date whichever is more will be applicable for payment of maturity amount.

* Irregular deposits are not entitled for pre mature payment and loan facility against it.

* On irregular deposits if all irregular pending deposits are paid then such account will be treated as regular. Even if there is default in payment of 1 instalment, the said account will be treated as irregular.

* After maturity date, payment on irregular accounts will be made after deducting the penalty amount maximum to the limit of interest earned on such account. No deductions will be made on principle amount of such accounts.

* R.D. will not be premature within first 3 month.

* If R.D. is matured after 3 months but before 6 month no interest will be paid.

* If any person premature its R.D then the person will be paid 2 %, less of maturity interest after 6 months to 60 months.

* in case of death of a depositor, the company will repay to nominee or beneficiary the principal & interest, at which it was accepted.